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FPPF Resource provision

The Olive Room and the Everest Centre

Welcome to the Autism Resource at Furze Platt Primary Federation. At the Infant school children attend lessons in the Olive Room and at the Junior school they attend The Everest Centre. We opened in November 2021 and are delighted that we can provide an inclusive environment for children with Autism. Here, children are able to access the mainstream classroom and extra specialist support from the Resource.


We support children with a diagnosis of Autism who can find the typical mainstream class overwhelming. We aim to develop independence in order for children to participate in all aspects of school life. Our children spend 50% of their school day in the Olive Room/Everest Centre and 50% in their classrooms. Each child will have a personalised timetable suited to their needs and have access to the quieter learning environment of the Olive Room and Everest Centre.


In the Resource, we provide interventions for children such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Skills and facilitate inclusion in the mainstream class. Children will work on a one-to-one or small group basis depending on the level of need. Staff in the resource have all had specialist Autism training and are equipped to adapt to different needs.

Resource Base Manager and Teacher- Katie Thompson

Teaching Assistant- Kerry Scullion (KS2 mornings)

Teaching Assistant- Emma Millward (KS1)


All teachers within our school have had Autism training from the Autism Education Trust. They are supported by specialist teachers from the Olive Room and Everest Centre to adapt classrooms and teaching material to meet the needs of children with Autism. Examples of some reasonable adjustments include movement breaks, visual timetables, practical activities and the use of technology to engage learners. Children will work in a small group or be independent within the mainstream class depending on the level of need.

Applying to the Resource

Applications for the Resource are separate from mainstream admissions. The application goes through a Special Educational Needs Panel within RBWM. Before an application can be made, the following criteria must be met:

  • Diagnosis of Autism
  • Educational and Health Care Plan
  • The potential for inclusion within the mainstream school

To visit the resource provision prior to making your decision please contact