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FPPF Resource provision


From November 2021, we will be opening a brand new resource provision for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on our site.


The resource provision will support children with complex social communication difficulties and will be part of the mainstream schools. The new facility will support children with EHCPs for complex needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


The whole school community, including children, their families and staff, will benefit from the resource provision. Highly specialist staff will be able to share their knowledge throughout the school, and the developed curriculum will help support other children with new and expanded teaching methods. The provision will enable us to continue to provide an inclusive environment for all our pupils and to further strengthen our sense of community across our schools.



The resource provision is located on both the Infant and Junior school sites. Each location has its own learning area, which is organised to ensure children with ASD feel safe and calm in the learning environment. We have separate outdoor breakout areas for some of the children in the resource provision that find the mainstream playground overstimulating. We have a high qualified and skilled staff that are led by our Resource Manager who is also a teacher in the resource provision and a number of SEN support assistants.


Lessons in the resource provision

All of the lessons in the resource provision will be:


  • Communication and visually based.
  • Practical, functional and meaningful, which promotes ‘real’ learning situations across all Key Stages.
  • Aimed at enhancing the pupils' learning to better prepare them for the mainstream classroom environment.


Each pupil will be given access to all core subjects (Maths, English and Science) and the Foundation subjects (All other subjects) of the National Curriculum. The resource provision caters for a wide range of ages – from Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 2. These abilities are taken into consideration when differentiating lessons for small group teaching. There will be an emphasis on encouraging pupils to take increasing levels of responsibility for their own learning and therefore promoting independence.


Accessing mainstream classes and transition

As soon as they are ready, all pupils will be included in some daily mainstream lessons to help build their social skills and further enhance their learning experiences. There are some children in the resource provision who will attend more lessons in the mainstream class daily. On average, pupils will be supported to spend more than 50% of their time in mainstream classes at the school, with support as necessary.


Transitions into the resource provision will be personalised to each child. Staff from the provision will visit your child in their current school to meet and observe them. They will speak to the adults working with your child and create a transition plan that will best support the change that your child will be experiencing.


When children move on from Furze Platt School some may be able to transfer into a middle, secondary or upper school without a resource provision where this is considered appropriate. Others will continue to need support and may transfer into the resource provision at SHINE (Furze Platt Senior School) or suitable provision at another school, which may be out of the borough. These decisions will be made on an individual basis, in consultation with pupils, families and the school.


Applying for a place in the ARP

Applications for the resource provision are separate to the mainstream admissions. If you wish to apply for a place, you will need to contact your child’s assessment coordinator. They will submit your child’s EHCP and supporting documents to the school. Your child’s case will be discussed by a team of professionals, including the manager from the resource provision, where a decision will be made on whether your child needs would be met within the resource provision. The assessment coordinator will also communicate the panel’s decision back to you.


To visit the resource provision prior to making your decision please contact the school via