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KS1 Curriculum

At Furze Platt Infant School, our creative teaching and learning philosophy ensures children dynamically explore the whole curriculum, using both the inside and outside environment. Through engaging and meaningful project based themes, the children in Year one and Two will be taught the National Curriculum subjects, with discrete lessons for Maths and English (including phonics) as well as subjects such as PHSE, RE and PE. 


In Year 1 and 2 we continue to use the term ‘busy learning’ with the children.  Busy Learning in Year 1 and 2 has a different purpose to the continuous and enhanced provision provided in the Early Years.   Children are encouraged to experiment and practise knowledge and skills through the National Curriculum subjects.

What does busy learning look like in Year 1 and Year 2?


We continue to use the inside and outside learning environment for all subjects with many opportunities for busy learning.

We use busy learning to:

  • embed curriculum skills and knowledge
  • challenge learning
  • encourage collaboration and co-operation
  • develop resilience and self-help skills


Busy learning allows children opportunities to:

  • consolidate learning
  • problem solve
  • collaborate with their peers
  • take risks
  • learn through play
  • make their own decisions

Busy learning areas will always have:

  • carefully chosen fiction and non-fiction books and key texts to support the learning
  • a variety of resources so children are making their own decisions about some of their learning
  • activities that are guided by photos/words and simple sentences so children know the expectations
  • where practical “real” resources will be used
  • clearly defined spaces