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Numbers Count


Numbers Count is an proven intervention programme that improves mathematical skills. It is part of the national Every Child Counts project.


If your child is in Year 2 and is working at a level below their classmates, they may be selected for a place on the Numbers Count programme. This means they will receive intensive, 1-1 or very small group support from a specially trained Numbers Count teacher. The aim through these lessons is to accelerate your child’s learning so that they can work at or above the average level of the class. In the summer term, a number of Y1 children are chosen for a shorter program who will benefit from a boost before they enter Y2


Numbers count will focus on improving a child’s mathematical skills but will also help them to develop ways of learning that will help in all subjects. The idea is that is fun, but purposeful!


The programme lasts approximately 10 weeks. The initial part of the program is diagnostic, so that work that is done is built on the child’s current understanding; the approach is one which the child is encouraged to talk about their understanding and to prove their ideas and make connections to new ideas using what they know already. A big consideration is helping children to consider where they are in the learning process, and express their thoughts about it responding to the ideas of any other children in the lesson. It is purposefully multisensory and uses equipment eg Numicon, which will give a visual prompt and a mental image; this helps the visual image of concepts to develop, which is an important aspect for children to develop in their maths. Along side this, there is regular counting practice, identifying patterns and learning of key facts; they become aware of how these can be used to help them in their maths. Lots of work has a focus of building up a sense of numbers, how an amount is made up of smaller parts eg 5 can be 5+0 , 4+1, 3+2 etc, vitally important understanding for developing calculation strategies later.

Included in the program is an opportunity for parents to observe a lesson, to see the type of activities we have been doing together and from that, discuss some of the activities at home that can be done to reinforce what we have been doing in school.

Once the program is completed, most children return to the class as more confident and independent learners and go on to make good progress.



Quotes from children

  • “ It is fun!”
  • “ I can see it in my head now.”
  • “It helped me to understand numbers.”
  • “I got more confident doing counting.”
  • “It helped me talk about maths.”
  • “Using Numicon helps it make sense.”