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Our Home Reading books are organised into colour-coded bands.

Facts you need to know about Book Banding




  • Book Banding is a method of grading the reading level of a book.
  • The bands enable the books to be graded from the simplest texts suitable for very early readers to texts for fluent readers.
  • Each band is given a colour and the appropriate coloured label is stuck to the book.
  • Within each band there will be a variety of different books for your child to read, including; ORT, Project X, Glow Worms, Superflies, traditional tales and also other ‘real’ books.



  • Book Banding provides your child with the experience of reading a variety of different books, including different genres, non-fiction books, poetry and play scripts.
  • To improve your child's fluency in reading; it is vital that they experience a range of different styles of books and genres.
  • Book Banding is a fantastic way of providing these experiences for your child.
  • The skills for reading go further than just being able to read what is written on each page.  By experiencing a range of different books your child’s comprehension skills will also improve.


What Next?

Your child will be given a book banding colour, which will be displayed in the classroom for them to access when it is needed.

They will have the opportunity to change their books independently TWICE a week during a guided reading session.

In addition, each Class has its own 'Class Library' of book banded books enabling your child to change their Home Reading Book on other days, at the discretion of their Class Teacher.


Your child will independently choose their own book from their colour coded box.

It may be that your child chooses the same book more than once, this is completely acceptable. Please refer to the ‘Top Tips to Help your Child Read at Home’ information sheet, which will provide you with additional information about how to support your child in this process.