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At FPIS we are passionate about history.  We believe children need to gain a secure understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world. We aim to provide children with immersive experiences which will bring the past to life. They should get a sense of what it might really have been like to live in another time and place, to bring about a deeper understanding of their own place in history. Our curriculum should inspire curiosity and progressively build on their critical thinking and questioning skills.



  • A broad knowledge of different time periods, events and people leading to a coherent understanding of chronology
  • Through questioning and critical thinking, be able to evaluate and communicate historical interpretation 
  • Engage thoughtfully and respectively with a range of historical evidence and undertake high quality research
  • Identify similarities, differences and connections over time


Key Stage 1 Curriculum Map and Threads

Clear links between Early Years and Key Stage 1 are made through our Curriculum Threads: