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At FPPF we value Computing believing it is intrinsic within the curriculum. A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use digital literacy and creative thinking to understand and enhance their world.  Building on their knowledge and understanding of computer science, pupils are equipped to use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content.  Computing also ensures that pupils become digitally literate – able to use technology safely in order to express themselves and develop their ideas.  Through their confidence and passion in use of information and communication technology – the children will develop skills and competencies at a level suitable for the future workplace and will be active participants in a digital world.



  • CC1: The ability to connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding the need to act within the law and with moral and ethical integrity.

  • CC2: The ability to communicate ideas by using applications and devices throughout the curriculum

  • CC3: The ability to research, collect, organise and manipulate data effectively whilst developing the ability to question the sources of information.

  • CC4: Competence in coding for a variety of practical and inventive purposes.

  • CC5: An understanding of the connective nature of devices.


Curriculum Overview & Big Questions

We use Big Questions to test how accurately the children acquire the key sticky knowledge and/or skills appropriate to the topic. These questions are answered in a variety of ways, through verbal responses, to written tasks to more creative work.

Children understand the question at the start of the topic so they can link their learning to the bigger picture.

Curriculum Sticky Knowledge

Sticky Knowledge is the key knowledge that we have chosen for the children to know after each topic. This knowledge is built upon, brought back into the working memory or recapped (retention & retrieval work) through the subsequent topics, years and even through different subjects. The aim is to retain this key knowledge by making a change to the child's long term memory.

Within all subjects, the expanse of knowledge is vast. We have chosen the key sticky knowledge that we feel would benefit the children through their KS1 journey and to help them understand and enjoy the subject area ready for KS2.


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Celebrating and Enriching


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