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The FPSA Team

Who is part of the FPSA team?

There are many people that help the FPSA on an ad hoc basis, at particular events or on an on-going basis and we’re really grateful. Thank you.


We also have a core FPSA team and they are:

  • Paul Thompson, Chair
  • Susie Chapman, Vice-Chair
  • Merrick Bousfield, Treasurer
  • Kate Irvine
  • Holly Harris
  • Libuse Berry
  • Anna Browning
  • Dave Wiltshire
  • Liz Hobkinson
  • Nicola Porter
  • Stephen James



 Christmas Fair 2023 FPSA team                                                                  Summer Fair 2022 FPSA team

                                                  (minus Libuše) 


If you have any queries or would like to help, please email us at You can also follow us on Facebook: