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Our Curriculum

Our federation's vision is for all of our children to be happy, feel safe and have the skills and knowledge that they need to be successful in their next stage of their learning and beyond - to be the best that they can be.


This is underpinned by our federation values of Passion, Well-being and Respect.


Our Curriculum Drivers

To achieve this vision, at Furze Platt Infant School we have developed our curriculum to reflect our young children's curiosity about the world around them, taking into account their predictable interests and natural desires. 

Our curriculum celebrates the richness of our cultural diversity and fosters a sense of belonging, inclusion and responsibility within our local community and the wider world.


Our Curriculum Rationale

At FPIS we understand that children from birth to 7, learn best through play and exploration. This thinking is based not only on our experience within school as practitioners, but also upon extensive child development research. This is why our teaching pedagogy in Year 1 and 2 builds upon the excellent practice found within our Early Years classrooms. Our aim is to provide opportunities for every child to explore, design, discover and investigate as they begin to learn about and make sense of the world.

In both our Early Years and Key Stage 1 classrooms, the environments are organised to promote continuous provision. This continuous provision enables children to return to their explorations and consolidate their learning over the course of a day or a more extended period. We have found our approach gives the children time to think and explore. The curriculum is exciting, creative and dynamic, enabling skills and knowledge to be applied so that children can purposefully build on what has already been learnt as well as identifying what the children need to learn next to ensure they are all successful learners.

Continuous provision provides the foundations for a rich, meaningful curriculum.

Our Curriculum Threads

Clear links between Early Years and Key Stage 1 are made through our Curriculum Threads:


For more information about our curriculum, please contact the school office ( and they will put you in touch with the appropriate member of our team.